Monday, January 28, 2013


By Frederick Nwosu, Ph.D., D.D., M.B.A.
Department of Hebrew-American Studies
Created June 2007
2009 Edition (Version 2.1)

1. Tigris and Euphrates
2. Pihon and Gishon
3. Adam to Noah
4. Shem
5. Ham
6. Japhet
7. Abraham
8. Ishmael
9. Isaac
10. Essau & Jacob
11. Canaan and Abraham
12. Famine in Canaan
13. Migration into Egypt
14. Old Pharaoh
15. New Pharaoh
16. Exodus
17. Slave Trade
18. Six-Day War
19. Biafra-Nigeria War
20. Liberia/Sierra Leone
21. Hibroland
22. Map of Africa
23. Babylon
24. Persia

 It is essential to reveal to the succeeding generations at all HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and other adult members of the Black community, the truths that history textbooks did not include. I have witnessed increasing thirst for this knowledge in my speaking engagements as I unravel the genealogy of Black America from Adam, through Abraham up to now.

In 2165 B.C., God chose Abram, and renamed him Abraham. Abraham had Isaac; Isaac had Jacob; Jacob had twelve sons. They went into Egypt because of hunger and draught in Canaan where they lived. Joseph (Jacob's last but one son) rose to position of Prime Minister in Egypt. One day, a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph arose, and the tide turned against the Hebrews. They were already outnumbering the Egyptians, and Egypt decided that something had to be done to stem that. Egypt enslaved them and put them to work with hard labor.

In 1450 B.C., the Hebrew in Egypt working as slaves finally left Egypt to go to the promise land after tussles between Pharaoh and Moses.

They took the South instead of the North, which had a direct ground route to Canaan. While on the South route, a group of them took the right fork instead of the left fork. Those who took the left fork wound up at the Red Sea. God crossed them and drowned the Egyptians. God fought all their battles and took them successfully into Canaan about 1410BC. Those who took the right fork wound up on the Atlantic oceanfront also about 1410 BC. They settled there as miners, hunters, fishermen, farmers, and also engaged in lumbering.
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