Sunday, January 27, 2013


Old School Musicians of Aba in the '70s

In March 2012, the roll call took place.
Hills Hotel on Clifford Road Aba was venue.
Old names showed their faces.
The biggest stars were there!
All the way from Los Angeles, California, Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was on the phone calling Hills Hotel and speaking to almost all his old friends and colleagues in music. I saw those who were on the phone with Barry beaming with Chinua Achebe's 'blessedness' as they chatted away the time with Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Do not forget the fact that he made extensive phonecalls during the planning of this stage. It is very possible that the people who trooped to Hills Hotel came there not just because of Arthur Freds, but especially because of Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Barry was their colleague, but Arthur Freds was not. They knew Arthur Freds, but not as closely as they knew Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The Aba Music Hall of Fame was instituted.
Musicians of the '70s were inducted into the Hall of Fame by Business Innovation (West Africa) Limited, Abuja.
I will make separate posts about the individual musicians, especially Benjamiin Davidson (normally called 'Ben'), the keyboardist for Apostles.
The complete story of the event, and the separate stories of the respective musicians will be posted here.
The reason it has not been posted since the event took place is that the event was such an emotional one. Whenever I want to post it, I just do not know which sentence should come first. I have changed the beginning sentence trillion times! I am even afraid that when I post, the first sentence might no longer even be impactful. You just needed to be at that event.
Just mention a musical group of the '70s that you remember, and I will tell you that either all or some of its members were at Hills Hotel for the Reunion.
Since after the event, I have maintained the discipline of calling the leaders of One World in Port Harcourt. I am also calling and receiving calls from other Aba Musicians.
Please expect more on this......

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