Monday, June 29, 2009

Grace Band Performed In Raleigh, North Carolina

On the hot Sunday afternoon, June 28, 2009, Grace Band, performed at the thanksgiving ceremony organized by Dr. Jimmy Imo in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States. The event was in honor of Sir and Lady Imo who were visiting their children. At that event, Grace Band played songs like "Don't Freak" and "Do It In The Name of Love" both written, composed and recorded by Arthur Freds. Those songs are part of the compilation in Arthur Freds' vintage album titled "Radiant Color", which is the opening (signature tune) to Arthur Freds' radio show Of all the very many songs performed at the events, Grace Band performed Ofege's "Nobody Fails", Oriental Brothers' "Nwada Di Nma", Herald '7's "Shooting Star" (by Jerry Boifraind). The band performed Sweet Breeze's "Palm Wine Tapper" and a highlife tune "Echendu Nweze". They also played their hit single, "Ebube" to which people danced freely. "Ebube" is also the title track in Grace Band's new release coming into the market sometime during the end of July. That album has nine tracks. One of the tracks is a 20-minute dance medley that will definitely take anybody's mind back to the Biafran days. It is a keepsake. Their own albums, "Radiant Color" and "Everybody Must Farm" are available at Their new album, "Ebube" will also be availabe on that site whenever it is released in July. It will also be available on CD Baby and other downloadable sites. As a tribute, Grace Band gave copy of the hit single "Ebube'" to Sir and Lady Imo to honor them. Visit Grace Band at

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Radio Show - ABA MUSIC

The Radio Show featured ABA Music at This broadacst takes place every Monday at 12.00 noon (Eastern Standard Time). Just log on and get your dose live. In the very last broadcast, The Apostles Rock Group featured so strongly that you could not afford to miss the information that came out. The songs that were played were Darlin', Radiant Color, Do It In The Name of Love, Don't Freak Out, You Won My Heart, Be My Own. All those song titles are from the album "Raidant Color" by Arthur Freds. The songs were written, composed, performed and directed by Arthur Freds except for three that were performed for him by Grace Freds. When you listen to that music, you will know rightaway that they are of the Motown era. Those songs are available together in one of Arthur Freds albums at
On the radio show, Arthur Freds revealed some of the things that people would not ordinarily know concerning The Apostles. From the things said in the radio show, it is clear that all the bands in Aba will be brought to the listeners. ...Who wouldn't want to know about those groups from a direct participant like Arthur Freds? Arthur Freds sat with them, had breakfast, lunch and dinner with most of those great names in Aba.