Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lay-off at an All-time High

Needless to say that all and sundry feel the pinch of economic recession. The question is no longer whether or not your are being promoted, but whether or not you are able to keep your job. It is even difficult to accuse a company of hiding behind the economy to wreck havoc on innocent employees. Every company can safely say that the economy is affecting them adversely. At the end of the day, the hapless employee is the worse for it. If you are that hapless employee, what are you doing about this predicament? What did you do about it before now? What will you do hereafter about the situation? It is very clear that inaction will not get anybody anywhere. Action is the keyword. The economy requires that every participant become a moving target. The economy will catch up with stationery target. Therefore, everyone must be on the move in the sense that creative solutions have to be churned out by every individual. Strategic solutions are required for our home lives, our careers, social and spiritual lives and other segments of human activity in which we operate.

Since times have become unpredictable, what manner of citizen are we supposed to be? One word to describe it is "patriotic". We often think of patriotic in terms of love of America. It must become clear right now that one has to love himself or herself before loving any other thing. "Country First" is a good chant. However, when the chips are down, we often see 'country second' taking the center stage. Individuals ought, therefore, to take steps to makes themselves better not just for themselves (selfishness) but also for other members of our society. Look into yourself. Meditate. Ask yourself questions - hard questions. Pull yourself out of the woods. Create. Present. Represent. Understand your environment. Understand also your atmosphere. Make contacts. Ask questions. Find out how far you can learn from the nearest community college. Make inquiries. I am sure that there will be something for you.
If you need more education, enroll at the nearest University of Phoenix
To become preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, contact
To learn how to volunteer and to volunteer, contact
To become an artist (compose, perform, sell) contact
I am sure that you can get the same help from
If you want to be effectively trained and educated but you do not have money, and you are sure that you cannot get financial aid or scholarships, contact
If you are already a student, and are having difficulty with your academic performance, contact, especially if you are an advanced student, involved in research, thesis writing, doctoral comprehensive examination, quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed-methodology research, etc. If you have problem articulating your concepts, they can help you breathe life into your academic work. Lay-off may be looming, but your connection with self-discovery and your ability to tap into the resources provided will help you overcome fear of lay-off. You may even make your employer's day by quitting your job when others are looking for the job. Quitting a job is not advised in this day and age, but some people are doing it because they have already taken the steps that are enunciated in the resources. Begin the journey now without excuses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Goodbye Yesterday, Welcome Today..." by Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff sang one of his usual hits back in the 1970s titled "Goodbye Yesterday, Welcome Today" in response to an inward prompting that he alone probably had. If it did not make sense to some people at that time, it probably began to make sense to them later. I am sure that it has not yet started making sense to some people today, even though the song is old enough to go into extinction. By the way, Jimmy Cliff's songs cannot go into extinction. I have not heard any of them in years, but I still remember their tunes, their lyrics and the moves that went with them.

Why am I talking about Jimmy Cliff's song today and now?
Everything is revolving around the economy nowadays. It appears, incidentally, that some individuals are still clinging to the glories of yesterday. The train has left the station! The reminder song for that should be "It's a New Day!". I hear this song mostly on television. Only God knows what the artist had in mind while writing that song. I believe what the artist said. It cannot be any easier - IT IS A NEW DAY (If I have to shout it).

New strategies are required.
New training is required.
New education is needed.
New opportunities are in the horizon.
New networks are needed.
Greater attention need to be paid to events around.
Personal participation in activities cannot be overemphasized.
Curiosity should increase in individuals in order to explore and learn more.
Who is it that will grow one inch if he or she stays on one type of meal all the time?
Get your answers from
The answers available are on voluntary basis.
It is also on a voluntary basis that you may get them.
The inventors that we have been learning about did not invent by folding their arms.
They were first curious.
They sought answers.
They found answers.
They shared the answers.
The world began to benefit from those answers.
What will you say when your children and grandchildren ask you in future what you did?
The ball is in your court to visit that site, become curious, click around, read all that you can read, note your questions, ask those questions either by e-mail or by phone, move yourself from point 'a' to point 'b', and let the people around you enjoy the results.
It is a new day.
Goodbye yesterday, welcome today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obey The President Now!

President Barrack Obama said that the economy would get worse before getting better. I choose to quote the president because he agreed with that statement. If he did not agree with it, he would not echo them in his comments. I heard him say it on a network television interview. I, therefore, have the right to quote it. Besides that, I see signs around me showing that the comment is true. Companies are still laying off. We do not know exactly when that trend will end (that it, the preceding 'tr' removed so that the ending 'end' will characterize the lay-offs. Since the president also said that people should consider adding one year of learning, one semester of training, schooling, etc, I am joining him to advocate this. That comments should not be portrayed as pertaining to only those with very low levels of education. Those who appear to be at the pivot of learning should also understand that they need some refresher training. Even if you had a doctorate degree, you could conduct just one more research. I intend to take a semester off to learn something that I perceive as potentially beneficial to my career aspirations. What about you? Visit Make the necessary contact in order to be shown those aspects of growth and development that the president wants people to consider. By so doing, we can all pull the economy out of the slums.