Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weight-Loss and Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!
A 58-year old man looking like a teenager!
We could not believe this when Michelle and a few others saw the very boyish old man.
They started immediately to ask him the secrets of his looks, but he was reluctant to reveal.
After pressuring him for a year and half, he has finally agreed to speak!
You will soon be learning mostly about what he eats, how he eats them, when he eats, and why.
You will learn about his weight, his bones, his muscles, and how come he does not exercise...
Among the exotic things that he eats and drinks, he uses a specific Akea formula. There are several variations of those out there. If he does not tell you which formula he uses, you will go and buy the wrong one. He uses the formula that lasts 30 days, costs $80, and goes with whatever he eats.
Michelle and her friends will be presenting this boyish old man at a gathering being planned.
Thursday, February 28, 2013.
4pm - 7pm (Central Time)
Jackson, Mississippi
Tickets: $50 per person / $75 per couple
Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Diabetes...
Real Problems!!!!!!!!!
Real Solutions!!!!!!!!
Real People!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natural Approach......
With Food and Natural Drinks.
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You can still lose weight while you eat!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doctoral research is a journey. I am sure that we all believe this statement. When I view it in the way that I view driving from New York to Maryland, I try so identify the doctoral journey equivalents of the BP, Texaco, Shell or other gas stationsl. McDonald's and other restaurants also exist along the way. What about rest areas, turnpike(s), and toll booths? Are they not all located along the way? In your doctoral journey, you encounter stops. However, do you do at the doctoral journey stops exactly what you do at your New York - Maryland journey stops? In other words, do you demonstrate your desire to get to Maryland, or do you just say, "I am going to Maryland", but when you get to one of the stops (or even all stops), you act like you have reached Maryland. I know that there are sometimes overwhelming incidents. You still have to find a way to riggle out of them just to make sure that you get to the 'Maryland' of our doctoral journey.

Monday, January 28, 2013


By Frederick Nwosu, Ph.D., D.D., M.B.A.
Department of Hebrew-American Studies
Created June 2007
2009 Edition (Version 2.1)

1. Tigris and Euphrates
2. Pihon and Gishon
3. Adam to Noah
4. Shem
5. Ham
6. Japhet
7. Abraham
8. Ishmael
9. Isaac
10. Essau & Jacob
11. Canaan and Abraham
12. Famine in Canaan
13. Migration into Egypt
14. Old Pharaoh
15. New Pharaoh
16. Exodus
17. Slave Trade
18. Six-Day War
19. Biafra-Nigeria War
20. Liberia/Sierra Leone
21. Hibroland
22. Map of Africa
23. Babylon
24. Persia

 It is essential to reveal to the succeeding generations at all HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and other adult members of the Black community, the truths that history textbooks did not include. I have witnessed increasing thirst for this knowledge in my speaking engagements as I unravel the genealogy of Black America from Adam, through Abraham up to now.

In 2165 B.C., God chose Abram, and renamed him Abraham. Abraham had Isaac; Isaac had Jacob; Jacob had twelve sons. They went into Egypt because of hunger and draught in Canaan where they lived. Joseph (Jacob's last but one son) rose to position of Prime Minister in Egypt. One day, a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph arose, and the tide turned against the Hebrews. They were already outnumbering the Egyptians, and Egypt decided that something had to be done to stem that. Egypt enslaved them and put them to work with hard labor.

In 1450 B.C., the Hebrew in Egypt working as slaves finally left Egypt to go to the promise land after tussles between Pharaoh and Moses.

They took the South instead of the North, which had a direct ground route to Canaan. While on the South route, a group of them took the right fork instead of the left fork. Those who took the left fork wound up at the Red Sea. God crossed them and drowned the Egyptians. God fought all their battles and took them successfully into Canaan about 1410BC. Those who took the right fork wound up on the Atlantic oceanfront also about 1410 BC. They settled there as miners, hunters, fishermen, farmers, and also engaged in lumbering.
A DVD presentation on this subject is available at You may be able to purchase one or more DVDs by clicking on the 'Buy Now' button. Enter West African Hebrews as the description. Part 1 is $15. Part 2 is also $15. Your DVD will be mailed to you.  You may give it as a gift to individuals or entities who should know about this piece of history. You may also book the speaker to come and enlighten your group(s). Knowledge is Power!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Old School Musicians of Aba in the '70s

In March 2012, the roll call took place.
Hills Hotel on Clifford Road Aba was venue.
Old names showed their faces.
The biggest stars were there!
All the way from Los Angeles, California, Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was on the phone calling Hills Hotel and speaking to almost all his old friends and colleagues in music. I saw those who were on the phone with Barry beaming with Chinua Achebe's 'blessedness' as they chatted away the time with Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Do not forget the fact that he made extensive phonecalls during the planning of this stage. It is very possible that the people who trooped to Hills Hotel came there not just because of Arthur Freds, but especially because of Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Barry was their colleague, but Arthur Freds was not. They knew Arthur Freds, but not as closely as they knew Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The Aba Music Hall of Fame was instituted.
Musicians of the '70s were inducted into the Hall of Fame by Business Innovation (West Africa) Limited, Abuja.
I will make separate posts about the individual musicians, especially Benjamiin Davidson (normally called 'Ben'), the keyboardist for Apostles.
The complete story of the event, and the separate stories of the respective musicians will be posted here.
The reason it has not been posted since the event took place is that the event was such an emotional one. Whenever I want to post it, I just do not know which sentence should come first. I have changed the beginning sentence trillion times! I am even afraid that when I post, the first sentence might no longer even be impactful. You just needed to be at that event.
Just mention a musical group of the '70s that you remember, and I will tell you that either all or some of its members were at Hills Hotel for the Reunion.
Since after the event, I have maintained the discipline of calling the leaders of One World in Port Harcourt. I am also calling and receiving calls from other Aba Musicians.
Please expect more on this......
Ngwa Dictionary
See the dictionary of the specific language/dialect of the people of NgwaLand.
This dictionary took two years of hard work to put together.
NgwaLand is a West African geographical patch occupying the area where the Whites (from America) went to take slaves hundreds of years ago, according to the history books.

Victor Nwosu calls himself Nwa-afo, which means 'native' of the NgwaLand. He accepts speaking engagements to inspire and explain to Youth groups the need for thorough understanding of one's roots. He regards language as a main component of culture, followed by foods. You may book Victor at to speak at your next event.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Stop Press!!! Doctoral Dissertations

Some individuals are pursuing doctoral education with excitement. When they get to the dissertation stage, they receive untold shock. Do not take doctoral dissertation for granted. The traditional universities are stable in the way they organize their doctoral programs. Incidentally, the for-profit universities make changes to their programs at will. Doctoral students in these programs suffer   untold hardship, especially if they were ill-informed. When anyone enrolls in a doctoral program, he or she should find an external mentor to stand beside him or or her from the beginning of the journey. Some of them can be found at  Eclipse Ventures. Other guides are found at the consulting firm, Dr. Frederick & Associates.

Online universities exist to give respite to professionals who are looking to eat their cake and still have it. These professionals cannot resign their jobs just to go to school. They work, earn their salaries, and receive doctoral education. That is a paradigm shift from the traditional education format. Jumping into doctoral education while working must be calculated to include the cost of personal coach and mentor while on the journey.

Which university are you attending? What program are you enrolled in? How much is your tuiton? Are you paying out of pocket? Are you using student loans? What country are you based in? Does your country trade favorably with or against the U.S. dollar? Are you confident in your ability and resilience to weather the storm? Do you have rapport with the Chair of your dissertation committee? Do you know the difference between your institution's dissertation process and those of similar institutions? Do you truly understand the templates that your university has put in place for the specfic program that you are enrolled in? Do you know the worldviews of your committee members? Did you select them or did the university assign them to you? Are you the owner of your committee or are the committee members the owners of 'you'? Who is on the driver's seat? Every research must pass through the intersection of data collection, analysis and reporting. How comfortable are you with that activity? If you are not comfortable with it at this time, when (or at what point) will you contact coaches and mentors who understand the nuances to begin to shape your proposal even before your committee members delay your process with tough questions that may take you one whole year to answer before you can move forward in your dissertation writing?

Consider these. Call now! "Make the move right now, babe," just like Shalamar sang in their song in the 1970s.