Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doctoral research is a journey. I am sure that we all believe this statement. When I view it in the way that I view driving from New York to Maryland, I try so identify the doctoral journey equivalents of the BP, Texaco, Shell or other gas stationsl. McDonald's and other restaurants also exist along the way. What about rest areas, turnpike(s), and toll booths? Are they not all located along the way? In your doctoral journey, you encounter stops. However, do you do at the doctoral journey stops exactly what you do at your New York - Maryland journey stops? In other words, do you demonstrate your desire to get to Maryland, or do you just say, "I am going to Maryland", but when you get to one of the stops (or even all stops), you act like you have reached Maryland. I know that there are sometimes overwhelming incidents. You still have to find a way to riggle out of them just to make sure that you get to the 'Maryland' of our doctoral journey.

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